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Become an ordained minister with Spiritual Humanism's free online ordination. Become an Ordained Clergy Person, Priest, Chaplain, or Wedding Officiant. Creativity Will Save the World: Toward a Spiritual Humanism, ISBN , ISBN , Brand New, Free shipping in the US. As Spiritual Humanists we recognize a Higher Calling, the Calling to make a the world a better place. Despite the.

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Free Online Ordination – Be an Ordained Minister · Be Ordained – Spiritual Humanism · More like this. Be a universal human being. So Spiritual Humanism is not replacing religion by a new ideology. Spiritual Humanism is enlightening the religious tradition to. Spiritual Humanism: Self, Community, Earth, and Heaven: 24th World Congress of Philosophy, Wang Yangming Lecture () by TU.

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Religious humanism is an integration of humanist ethical philosophy with congregational rites and community activity which center on human needs, interests. Humanism and Hinduism: an exchange of letters between Jay Lakhani, theoretical physicist and director of Hindu This is called Spiritual Humanism. The ways in which they participate in public life thus assume the forms of a spiritual humanism, which can be defined as the prolongation of a religious.