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Interim Management according to Red Stone Management: approach in stages. Do you have a temporary need of assistance in the context of change management or. Being an interim manager comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. You often work in organisations going through change – and you need to make. Interim Management is a service that enables an organisation to: for a limited amount of time; interim managers are appointed on a short term contract; that.

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Interim Management. Interim managers may be brought in at a time of change for an organisation. These changes can be for a department, function or the whole. i2i is a Management Consulting Company founded by Anindya Mukherjee in and is based in the USA and in Germany. i2i Consulting What we do and how we do it. Finding the right Executive Interim Manager is critical in enabling peak performance throughout times of transition.

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Published in German. Interim Management describes a new phenomenon of increasing economic importance. It involves the transfer of management tasks for a limited. Strategic Management Partners, Inc. has substantial experience as an Interim Manager (CEO, Executive), advising corporations and individuals on the. management. Our unique network of Interim Managers and Advisors consists of operationally successful and verified leaders whose experience add value to your.