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Bariatric Patient: Care & Transport (v2). Course overview. This program illustrates the assessment, treatment, and transport of a morbidly obese patient. BARIATRIC TRAINING MANIKINS Obesity is a very real problem in the UK and across the world and judging by government. Bariatric University provides self-paced online education and training for physicians, surgeons, and integrated health providers in the comfort of your.

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As gastroenterologists become more active in the care of patients with obesity, fellowship programs must provide subspecialty training that offers the. This oportunity provides a focused and concentrated training experience under the preceptorship of Ali Aminian, MD. Under the Surgery Hands-on T raining Pathway. Surgical Training. Some treatments for obesity are non-invasive, but in some cases, bariatric surgery is determined to the the best solution for the patient.

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Some highlights of the training course format are: Training is online and self-paced and comprised of videos, interactive modules, and an initial certification. Bed frame with proper size and weight capacity. — Properly sized bed frame. Bariatric Sensitivity Training. Providing Dignified Care to All Patients. Weight loss surgery is a common occurence, so it pays to be informed about the procedure to best help your personal training clients. Learn more here!