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Types of book editors: Developmental Editor: A development editor is a person who deals with the overall organization of a book's manuscript, rather than. Developmental Editing. Once the province of editors at publishing houses, which have cut staff and curtailed services, this function is now often relegated. As a developmental editor, I'll pull apart your manuscript and identify all Not Currently Accepting New Clients for This Service –> Join the Waitlist.

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The Developmental Edit is the most comprehensive edit Balboa Press offers, combining the best of all of our editing services into three phases. Learn about the different types of editing offered by freelance editors. My presentation covers “big picture” editing, called developmental editing. Developmental editing (otherwise known as “substantive editing”) is a good option for authors who want professional direction and expertise on a finished first.

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This is the area where developmental editors shine. They'll help you engage with your target audience while also bringing out your author voice. I work as a copyeditor and developmental editor for authors. As such, I serve as a guide and trusted adviser helping you strengthen your characters and plot. Passionate children's book editor with 15+ years experience in picture books, middle grade fiction, and nonfiction for companies such as Disney and Penguin. I.